Private Label
Abeya has 10 years of experience in manufacturing private label teas for some of the most demanding clients in the world. Our approach is different. Before we accept your work we like to understand your requirements thoroughly so that we can be confident of meeting your timelines, volumes, quality requirements and price points.

Become an Abeya Distributor
Exclusive Country Territories are still available .Join our Abeya Team and get exclusive training as well as considerable support and expertise to grow Abeya in your local area. Drop us a line at and we would be more than happy to have a chat.



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News & Updates

Tea Auction Update

Prices in Colombo remain buoyant as the tea crop is considerably lower than a year ago due to lack of rains. This has been exacerbated by shortfalls on all the major tea auctions of the world. No price relief looks likely till the end of the year.

Abeya Tea

Abeya Corporation is a dynamic tea company that was founded in 1998 by an Australian family of Srilankan origin. Unhappy with the quality of tea that was on offer the Abeyas have made it their mission to bring   the finest plantation fresh tea to your cup.

From humble beginnings, Abeya has grown to become a significant manufacturer,  exporter and distributor of  tea under our signature Abeya brand and through manufacturing  private labels for some of the world’s leading supermarkets such as Woolworths ,Franklins, Coles and Aldi.

The rigorous quality standards maintained  within our manufacturing process mean that we are  ISO and HACCP certified,
Today Abeya  exports  to a diverse set of markets, from Australia and Europe to the US, the Middle East and Japan. Our extensive range of teas satisfies all needs from the tea connoisseur, to the health and budget conscious.

The Abeya difference is its total commitment to our customers. Our commitment does not end once a sale has been made. Our policy is very much of improvement and renewal. If  for some reason a mistake does occur in the manufacturing process we don’t hide behind it, instead we learn from it and we work with our customers to come to a speedy resoloution.

Abeya’s greatest strength is its people .Our staff are continuously in touch with the latest innovations and trends in tea and packaging and we bring this expertise to you. From unique designs to the sourcing of fine teas from around the world, we have the expertise to assist you in the development and marketing of your own tea brands. Our large variety of products and our capacity to deliver give us the ability to offer unique quality services enable us to be your one stop shop.

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